The Pundit

The Pundit is one of my favorite wines for its flavors and aromas but also its label. It’s a picture of my favorite bird—the owl. While swirling, smelling, and then sipping, Jill asked, “What is a pundit?” Immediately, I thought of blowhards arguing on TV. Not the mental picture I wanted.

I looked it up and learned it’s an individual who’s an expert or authority. In India, it’s a person respected and revered for their wisdom. How we’ve cheapened the word. We’ve reduced the meaning to a critic who passes judgements. Even when those judgements have no basis in experience.

It’s become a practice of mine to seek advice from pundits. They have expertise and knowledge in areas I know nothing about. Pundits are invaluable. The trick is admitting I don’t know everything. I could use help. I could learn. Only then am I able to receive the benefit they offer.

How about you? Are there individuals you respect who have wisdom and experience that would be useful to you? What about God the consummate pundit? Do you ask for His input and leave room for Him to speak? Is it difficult to accept when you don’t know something? Too embarrassing to ask for help? A challenge to learn new things?

For some, we are the pundits. Do we share what we know? How do we share what we know? This is as important, if not more important, than the knowledge. Part of being a pundit is being respected. If we share with an attitude of superiority, we will disqualify every piece of wisdom shared. Better yet, seeing what we know as a gift to give, we can use it to serve and encourage others.

With that, here’s a toast to the pundits who’ve influenced our lives and to being pundits who hope to do the same for others. Salute!